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Quality Has Never Changed
When the first Magic Buttoner hit the drawing board I had already decided their construction!
I knew they needed to be made of polished Stainless Steel so they would be tough and corrosion resistant never losing their luster both Physically and Mentally 

I want to tell everyone that has ever had a problem Buttoning Tight Pants or found those Little buttons on your Shirts tough to manipulate I invented Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic for you! Well for Me but, they will work as good for you as they do for me and people who are close to me. I really became aware of this in the early years when more and more people from all walks of life and countries ordered them! I think people are most tired of being taken advantage of. Meaning I sell my Buttoners as cheap as I can making the least profit. American manufacturing and American packaging and shipping complete the cycle! No more buy this and I’ll give you that just pay additional P&S.
I have an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee does anyone else offer you that? You Cannot Break them!

I most want to Thank You for the Opportunity to show you Our Buttoners so You can decide for yourself. I hope you don’t leave without purchasing what you need and saying I wish I had!

are designed to easily be used
Hi, I'm Chris Glaub inventor of the Magic Buttoner tool for buttoning buttons
Magic Buttoner and the Shirt Magic’s are designed to help a wide variety of people with Disabilities! These assistive devises have been known to increase Independence in people with Arthritis or Stroke. These Clothes Buttoners aid in the ease of buttoning one’s own clothes. Magic Buttoner has been found to aid people that are trying to button smaller jeans. This has been found to encourage Overweight people to lose the extra weight. Certain people with particular disabilities such as Arthritis have found them useful because, they remove the manipulations needed to be made with your hands. By eliminating these everyday manipulations it improves coordination and independence. Anytime you do not rely on someone to something for you feel good and more Independent and more self reliant.  It is important to remember these assistive devises are 100% Made in the USA. Our company is located in East Moline IL on the great river they are manufactured and assembled, packaged and shipped from the Quad Cities. Anyone that needs help getting dressed or just wants to improve their Independence use the great assistive device known as Magic Buttoner! Shirt Magic II is the most revolutionary and easiest shirt button found anywhere! Magic Buttoner has a built in Zipper pull no need to change tools or even hands. All our assistive devises can be used with either hand on either garment making them the perfect dressing aids to help anyone that needs after suffering from a stroke. People with Arthritis find them to be made with them in mind. Seniors from all walks of life find the fact they are Made in America refreshing. Caregivers can use these assistive devises to dress their patients while allow them maintain their Modesty. Please look further in our website to watch our informative step by step videos and learn for yourself how easy these assistive devices are to use!

Hi I'm Chris Glaub, an inventor and retired Tool Maker from beautiful East Moline, Illinois.


Say Hello to the Magic Buttoner and say Goodbye to the problems of buttoning your clothes! The most revolutionary clothing aid since the zipper. 
See more Testimonials on how Magic Buttoner is helping all kinds of people with disabilities button their clothes!
"My son was diagnosed with a crippling disease of the hands and feet. He has trouble buttoning his clothes without help. The other day to my surprise he called to me and said he had buttoned all his clothes in eight minutes. Thank You very much Magic Buttoner he is so proud, we are too!" Karen G. 
  • Arthritis, stroke, MS or other limited mobility issues -- Magic Buttoner is the Answer. 
  • One Handed Operation makes the Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II the Most Unique Tools on the Market. 
  • Made in the USA of Stainless Steel Will not Rust, Bust or Gather Dust

AMM lstand for American Made Matters now more than ever we as Americans need to honor thisThe Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II are 100% American Made, providing jobs for Americans. They have a Lifetime Guarantee to not break or wear out with normal use.

See how easy it is to use the Magic Buttoner tool to button a button

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Magic Buttoner Tool for Buttoning a Shirt.mp4 Magic Buttoner is the best tool for buttoning a shirt. It is designed to be used with one hand by people with disabilities.

Making something that I myself needed because of MS and that my family and friends are proud to use was an easy task. With my background as a Tool & Die Maker I applied the principles learned to come up with the idea.Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II are made after much trial and error to get them just right.  They are constructed from all American resources.

Making the Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II

Magic Buttoner came first, it was the one that started it all.  Magic Buttoner is designed for pants and it easily buttons your pants (even if they are too small). It was designed to be used with one hand. 
Simply insert the Magic Buttoner into the hole past the button.  You use a lever action and pry your button into the hole. This is the most important thing that makes Magic Buttoner unique. Our method is demonstrated in greater detail in the Step By Step Instructions. 

  • Built in zipper puller! There is no need to change tools or hands like other buttoners.    

Shirt Magic was our first answer to assisting with buttoning of shirts.  Its design resembles that of our Magic Buttoner only smaller and thinner to accommodate shirt buttons. The key with Shirt Magic is that it reduces the normal manipulation in buttoning shirts. 
Shirt Magic II is the ultimate product for shirt buttoning perfection.  After viewing our videos and the Step By Step Instructions, you will see how easy it is to use. 

  • Made to be used One-Handed. 
  • Shirt Magic II works very well for Arthritis sufferers
  •  Works for all disabilities in which someone has limited use of their hands. 

People that need help getting dressed, like I do, realize quickly they cannot live without them now they know they're available.Thank you and enjoy the freedom your new Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II provide for you.   
Order Your Magic Buttoner and button your clothes with one hand!
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