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Get the best of both worlds in innovation and functionality with the Magic Buttoner, a buttoner and a zipper puller device in one. This invention is the brainchild of our owner and was engineered by inspiration of his life experiences. Due to his medical condition, he came to a point when getting dressed becomes a challenge, which made him feel more dependent on others. Driven to regain his independence, our owner invented this buttoner device to help people going through the same trials as he's gone through. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this clothes buttoner and how it can help make a difference to your daily life. AMM stands for American Made Matters now more than ever we as Americans need to honor this. The Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II are 100% American made, providing jobs for Americans. They have a Lifetime Guarantee to not break or wear out with normal use.

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Magic Buttoner Trio

Button shirts and pants with one hand using the cutting-edge Magic Buttoner Trio, our most popular product. The Magic Buttoner Trio includes a Magic Buttoner, the Shirt Magic, and the Shirt Magic II. Purchase two or more for a $5 discount.

Price: $19.99

Magic Buttoner Trio

$5 Off
Offer Valid When You Buy Two or More of Either of the Two Trio Sets of Buttoners or Shirt Magic II

About Us

Based in East Moline, Illinois, our business has been offering this American-made button and zipper aid technology for more than five years. We are affiliated with American Made Matters™.

It is with great pride that we have invented the finest and most functional clothes buttoners in today's market, including button aids for arthritis and one handed dressing aids. We uphold American values by sourcing material only from local shops. Through our marketing endeavors for the Magic Buttoner, we also manage to help provide employment to many Americans.

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With thousands of products designed to assist people with disability out there, we cannot think of a more basic need than a tool that helps hindered people in getting dressed. Our owner has a background in machining and manufacturing, and used that expertise to work through a series of trial and error during the product design and engineering phases before he made his first prototype.

Magic Buttoner, dressing aids can allow you to button shirts one handed. Our button aids and arthritis aids are the perfect things to combat manipulation problems. Products made for amputee or individuals with disabilities such as arthritis or stroke who need help with one handed buttoning.

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With the help of our Magic Buttoner buttoning assist, assistive technology, you can now button shirts using just 1 hand. Products made for individuals with a disability or disabled. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

4324 10th Street, East Moline, IL 61244

We are located near the Rock Island County Fairgrounds.

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