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Magic Buttoner Products can help you with your Independence
Best Buttoning Aids for Seniors and Kids can be taught easily
If you have any Disability such as a Stoke or Arthritis anything
That causes to you to have Manipulation problems with your Hands
Or you just need help to Button your Jeans or shirts because of a broken arm
For any reason you need a One-Handed Buttoning tool
Perhaps you have difficulty dressing yourself we have Built in Zipper pulls
Caregivers find us useful in help their patients maintain modesty
Ok maybe your jeans shrank in the dryer (yeah it happens)

Maybe you want to wear smaller or skinny jeans
I want to say how proud I am to have Invented the most useful Disability Products on the market Today!
First as I always preached about my desire to only have American Values by Demanding My Buttoners will Only be made in America from American resources!
As we continue on through life we are bombarded by products made overseas. These products may look good but, will not hold up over the long run and require us to reinvest for the same or similar product to do what we need.
Magic Buttoners being Made 100% in America will hold up to daily use and if you wear it out send it back I’ll send you another free of charge.
With the thousands of Disability Products out there I cannot think of a more Basic Need than getting dressed.
I know when I first started having trouble fastening my Pants then my Shirts it made me feel more Dependent on Others.
I wanted my Independence back and was determined to get it. Having the background in creating it was easy to know what I wanted and after trial and error made the first what I called the Big Belly Buttoner I was told by many even though it worked well I couldn’t call it that nobody would buy it!
I receive phone calls daily from people with Arthritis or Strokes that find the manipulation of Simple buttons difficult and it makes them angry I know it did me. As time went by I found people calling for help with other problems. I have found by using a Mirror and watching yourself use the buttoners you can become very consistent using them so it becomes second Nature. I have had people order Multiple Sets to have them in several rooms and to travel with them too just don’t put them in your carry on luggage.
So if you have any disabling ailment such as Arthritis, Stroke, Amputee, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Over Weight, Broken Hand or Arm or just are starting to find the smaller buttons hard to Manipulate such as Cuffs or Collars. Give Magic Buttoners a try if you are not satisfied send them back I’ll refund your Money!
So Order Today knowing that you are helping stand up for the American Way! Besides where are your Children and Grand Children going to work if we don't But American!

Hi, I'm Chris Glaub inventor of the Magic Buttoner tool for buttoning buttons

AMM lstand for American Made Matters now more than ever we as Americans need to honor this

The Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II are 100% American Made, providing jobs for Americans. They have a Lifetime Guarantee to not break or wear out with normal use.
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Magic Buttoner Tool for Buttoning a Shirt.mp4 Magic Buttoner is the best tool for buttoning a shirt. It is designed to be used with one hand by people with disabilities.

Making something that I myself needed because of MS and that my family and friends are proud to use was an easy task. With my background as a Tool & Die Maker I applied the principles learned to come up with the idea.Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II are made after much trial and error to get them just right.  They are constructed from all American resources.

Making the Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II

Magic Buttoner came first, it was the one that started it all.  Magic Buttoner is designed for pants and it easily buttons your pants (even if they are too small). It was designed to be used with one hand. 
Simply insert the Magic Buttoner into the hole past the button.  You use a lever action and pry your button into the hole. This is the most important thing that makes Magic Buttoner unique. Our method is demonstrated in greater detail in the Step By Step Instructions. 

  • Built in zipper puller! There is no need to change tools or hands like other buttoners.    

Shirt Magic was our first answer to assisting with buttoning of shirts.  Its design resembles that of our Magic Buttoner only smaller and thinner to accommodate shirt buttons. The key with Shirt Magic is that it reduces the normal manipulation in buttoning shirts. 
Shirt Magic II is the ultimate product for shirt buttoning perfection.  After viewing our videos and the Step By Step Instructions, you will see how easy it is to use. 

  • Made to be used One-Handed. 
  • Shirt Magic II works very well for Arthritis sufferers
  •  Works for all disabilities in which someone has limited use of their hands. 

People that need help getting dressed, like I do, realize quickly they cannot live without them now they know they're available.Thank you and enjoy the freedom your new Magic Buttoner and Shirt Magic II provide for you.   
Order Your Magic Buttoner and button your clothes with one hand!
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