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 "Best damn Buttoner I have ever owned. I am disabled with deformed short arms and I have tried a lot of product but this is the best by far. No more bothering the wife for help, I am finally independent. Thank You.."
Stephen T.

"I am an engineer from California I broke my wrist and couldn’t button my pants. So being mechanically minded I headed out to my garage to make me something after a while I decided to look on the internet. Well I found Magic Buttoner and it looked like a good idea. I called the toll-free number and a real person answered not only that the inventor and owner. After a lengthy and candid conversation with Chris I decided I would order the Magic Buttoner but, after I hung up I decided I would get the Trio 20 bucks shipped to my home outstanding I use them daily!"  
Vic S. 

Well I'm going to Toot my own Horn! I have just underwent another barrage of tests they told me what I always knew but, didn't want to believe! I have MS their is a lot of help out there for people with disabilities and Magic Buttoner products are the Finest Anywhere!
I can button any clothes at anytime depending what I am wearing and whether I need to Dress frequently I carry one or all with me
Chris Glaub

"I had to undergo surgery it sidelined me from work for several months. My physical activities in that time were next to none while I recovered. When it came time to return to work I noticed I gained some weight and some size around my waist. Magic Buttoner allowed to wear my old work pants and encouraged me to lose the weight I had gained.
Thank you Magic Buttoner"
Steve S. 
"My son was born with a debilitating disease it hindered the use of his hands. He was unable to dress himself so I did it for him. It seemed to hurt his self-esteem so I bought him the Magic Buttoner Set. I was amazed one day he called to me in the kitchen I came running to find him fully dressed. He boasted to me it only took him eight minutes. He was beaming and so proud. I believe this is a stepping stone for him I couldn't be happier!"
Karen G. 
"My teenage daughter always tries to keep up with everybody especially the other girls in her class. She insists on wearing these jeans two sizes too small she would lay on her back on the bed and suck her belly in to button them. Then she found Magic Buttoner on the internet she not only buttons them easier but, quickly too."
George W. 

"The other day I was putting a TV stand together I had neglected to bring an extra screw driver in the house. Magic Buttoner was nearby so I used it to hold the fastener. It worked so well I used it continually on that project. As I am writing this my Wife yelled at me and told me while I writing tell that young man I use the thin one for a hard to open package the other day."
Albert L.
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